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Resource Buildings

To collect and utilize the abundance of resources on Mars, you will need to erect buildings that can process them. Each building has its own unique function of production; you will need to be aware of what the building needs in order to function so that you don’t run out of it!
Production Buildings

Building Name Produces Build Cost Consumes
Solar Panel
Power 20 Aluminum,100 Silicon N/A
Wind Turbine
Power 20 Aluminum,80 Carbon N/A
Geothermal Plant
Power 40 aluminum,30 Steel N/A
Water Pump
Water Free Power
Greenhouse Farm
Food 5 Steel,10 Glass Power, Water
Electrolysis Reactor
Oxygen, Fuel 10 Aluminum,10 Steel Power, Water
Solar Condenser
Oxygen, Carbon 10 Glass Power
Metal Mine
Aluminum or Iron (based on which deposit you build on) Free Power
Steel Mill
Steel 20 Iron Power, Iron
Elemental Quarry
Silicon or Carbon (based on which deposit you build on) Free Power
Chemicals Refinery
Chemicals 20 Steel,20 Carbon Power, Fuel, Carbon
Chemicals Lab
Chemicals 20 Steel,20 Carbon Power, Fuel, Carbon
Glass Kiln
Glass 20 Steel, 20 Silicon Power, Oxygen, Silicon
Electronics Factory
Electronics 20 aluminum, 20 steel Power, Aluminum, Carbon, Silicon

Specialty Buildings

Patent Lab
The Patent Lab gives you access to high tech patents that will give you a serious edge over your competition. The patents all cost between 20 and 80 chemicals and there is only one of each per game. This means you’ll have to beat your competition to the punch and acquire the patents before they do, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. If the main colony has laboratories, placing the patent lab adjacent to one or more of them will grant you bonuses to how quickly they are researched.

Available Patents

  • Superconductor: +100% power production when connected to your HQ. Cost: 40 chemicals.
  • Energy Vault: Generates +1 Power that can stockpile for up to 100 units. Cost: 40 chemicals.
  • Financial Instruments: Gives 25% of all your opponents’ debt interest to you every day. You do not get to profit from your own debt, sorry! Cost: 40 chemicals.
  • Water Engine: Water is cheap! To cut costs, this patent will allow you to use water instead of fuel (assuming water is cheaper at the time) to power your freighters and Offworld Markets. Cost: 40 chemicals.
  • Perpetual Motion: This highly cost-effective patent makes it so that your buildings consume 50% less Power, leaving you more to profit from. Cost: 60 chemicals.
  • Virtual Reality: It’s the future! This patent increases income you receive from Pleasure Domes by 50%. Cost: 60 chemicals.
  • Nanotechnology: Reduce, reuse, recycle! This patent refunds all resources from scrapped buildings to you. Cost: 60 chemicals.
  • Cold Fusion: As long as water is cheaper than power, water will be consumed to operate your buildings. Cost: 60 chemicals.
  • Carbon Scrubbing: Buildings that require carbon now draw the carbon from the atmosphere instead. Cost: 80 chemicals.
  • Slant Drilling: This patent allows you to mine in adjacent tiles. You will be able to draw a lot more resources out of your mines this way! Cost: 80 chemicals.
  • Thinking Machines: If your opponents are going to fight dirty with the Black Market, you can make them come clean with this patent! Any effects used against buildings adjacent to your Headquarters are cut by 50%. Cost: 80 chemicals.
  • Teleportation: Get your Star Trek on with this patent! Teleportation eliminates the need for freighters and sends resources directly to the necessary buildings, regardless of distance. Cost: 80 chemicals.

Optimization Center
The Optimization Center allows you to upgrade the production of your buildings in order to output more resources. There are 4 tiers of upgrades in steps of 25% per upgrade. The upgrades cost chemicals and the cost increases with each percentage. When placing this building, pay close attention to the main colony! If the colony has machine shops, building the Optimization Center adjacent to them will grant you hefty bonuses.

Hacker Array
In the war of business, fighting dirty is the only way to end up on top. Buying a Hacker Array will allow you to generate artificial shortages and surpluses to increase or decrease the value of a particular resource. These activities cost $2,000 the first time and increase exponentially as you continue to utilize them.

Pleasure Dome
People on Mars have to have fun somehow, right? Building a Pleasure Dome will generate you additional income based on the population of the colony. If you build the dome adjacent to the colony’s habitats, you will gain a bonus to the amount of money you accumulate. This can add up pretty quickly and prove to be an excellent pay off for you.

Offworld Market
This is where you start rubbing your hands together and cackling. The Offworld Market allows you to send your resources off of Mars and to Earth and the Asteroid belt for insane profits. Each launch takes 100 units of a selected resource, plus 20 aluminum and 20 fuel to send the rocket. If the colony has warehouses, building a rocket adjacent to them will cause them to launch 10% faster for each nearby warehouse.