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Corp seneca.jpg
This company utilizes an Expansive type HQ and is at its best on maps where the resources are spread out and far away from each other. Expansive Headquarters consume half the steel compared to other companies, which means they are in a good position to take advantage of building an Offworld Market early in order to net insane profits.

Seneca Development is afforded the following benefits:

  • One extra claim with each colony upgrade
  • Needs half as much steel for buildings and colony upgrades
  • Units Travel 50% faster

Corp yoshimi.jpg
This company utilizes a Robotics type HQ and is at its best on maps that have scarce water or aluminum resources, since they are not as necessary for its sustainability. If you can found this company near hybrid metal tiles (spots that have both aluminum and iron, for example), you will gain an advantage.

Yoshimi Robotics is afforded the following benefits:

  • Colony does not consume life support
  • Units use energy instead of fuel
  • Double production from tiles under the colony
  • Does not require glass to upgrade colony

Corp reclamation.jpg
This company utilizes a Scavenger type HQ and is at its best when playing against multiple opponents in large free-for-all matches. Because it can use the Black Market more frequently than other companies, it is well positioned to take advantage of aggressive subterfuge like mutinies, bribe claims, EMPs, etc.

Reclamation Inc is afforded the following benefits:

  • Uses carbon instead of steel to construct buildings
  • Learn about market news events earlier
  • Able to use the Black Market more frequently

Corp newmeridians.jpg
This company utilizes a Scientific type HQ and is at its best when they can place themselves near an area with high concentrations of iron and water (silicon and carbon are a plus, too). This company also gains an advantage against Black Market subterfuge, since all negative effects applied to their buildings are cut in half.

New Meridians is afforded the following benefits:

  • Conversion buildings can use resource deposit on their own tiles (for example, a Hydrolysis Farm could use trace water to create food)
  • Recovers faster from EMPs, power surges, and mutinies
  • Acquires patents 50% faster