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Available Downloadable Content

Offworld Trading Company released three DLC packs on it's official release day, along with the 1.0 build. They have stated that more DLC packs and expansions will continue to roll out.

Map Toolkit DLC

Build and design your own maps in the new map editor and share them with friends and rivals. With several new maps to get you started, you will be creating amazing Martian landscapes in no time.

  • New Map Editing Tool
    Design and create your own Martian landscapes with looming plateaus, deep craters, and more.
  • New Maps
    Enjoy several new maps, based on real Martian locations, perfect for getting started with editing your own.
  • New Campaign Locations
    Explore the new maps that work with the “real Mars maps” option, now incorporated into the campaign.

Real Mars Pack DLC

Defeat your rivals in the frozen terrain of Ultimum Chasma, navigate the winding passes of Margaritifer Sinus, cross the trenches of Cerberus Fossae, and more! This map pack adds over 30 new maps to Skirmish and Multiplayer games. Designed by a planetary geologist, these maps model the actual Martian surface in each of the red planet’s regions and will add plenty of depth to your Offworld experience.

Soundtrack DLC

With a rich, unique, and otherworldly sound, Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (Baba Yetu, Civilization IV) will take you Offworld with this original soundtrack. Comprised of several dynamic tracks, enjoy the music of Mars anytime you like.

Dev Almanac

This 91 page Almanac contains:

  • A detailed strategy guide.
  • Coverage from planetary geologist Kirby Runyon, who discusses each of the regions the game takes place in and how their real life features were used to influence the game’s map design.
  • Designer Notes from Offworld Trading Company’s lead designer, Soren Johnson, who discusses the inspiration for the game and how each of the game’s features help deliver on that goal to create a unique experience for the player.