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Available Downloadable Content

Offworld Trading Company released three DLC packs on it's official release day, along with the 1.0 build. They have stated that more DLC packs and expansions will continue to roll out.

Jupiter's Forge Expansion

If you thought turning a profit on Mars was tough, just wait until you land on Jupiter’s volcanic moon, Io. With resources that deplete over time creating fierce competition, you will have to adapt to the new environment faster than your opponents do in order to survive. Life support is so strenuous on Io that Mars will look like a paradise in comparison!

  • New Location - IO
    Explore Jupiter’s volcanic and volatile moon where energy is plentiful, but life support is so difficult that it makes Mars look like a paradise.
  • New Resource System
    Change your production priorities in order to survive on Io where even the element most essential to basic human life - water - does not exist.
  • New Faction - The Penrose Collective
    Highly adaptable and influential, they are able to return claims and spread their operations across an already depleted environment in order to afford them easier access to more resources.
  • New Faction - The Diadem Trust
    An elite business group, their advanced structures can outperform the competition. Their ability to purchase patents that are already owned even leaves lawyers scratching their heads.
  • New Infinite Map Challenge
    Compete against the online community as each map evolves and becomes more difficult than the last. See how many maps you can conquer before the harsh environments of space get the better of you.
  • New Campaign
    Show that you have what it takes to survive on the harsh environment of Io. Snag resources before your adversaries do and prove that money talks: you made it on Mars, and you can make it on Io.

Limited Supply DLC

Before business on Mars started booming, the first pioneers from Earth had just one objective: survive. Play through over a dozen challenging scenarios and overcome the struggles of settling on Mars by aiding the growing colonies and ensuring their healthy futures.


  • Over a dozen scenarios with unique rule sets and locations
  • A constantly changing environment that provides new challenges and objectives
  • Evolving technologies and challenges
  • Overcome the initial challenges of settling colonies on Mars
  • A new way to experience the game through puzzles instead of head-to-head competition

Blue Chip Ventures DLC

Predict markets, effectively sabotage your opponents, and break monopolies in Blue Chip Ventures! This series of new single-player scenarios is designed by one of Offworld Trading Company’s top competitors - will your business come out on top, or will you be filing for bankruptcy?

Learn valuable management skills and become a better executive by undertaking one of over a dozen unique scenarios from different categories.

  • Supply and Demand
    They want it? You’ve got it. Focus on monopolizing resources and learn the right times to shift your focus to keep yourself ahead of your competition.
  • Play Well With Others
    Can’t we all just get along? Focus on how best to handle your opponents - and also how to work well on a team with your allies to seal your victory.
  • Long-Term Planning
    You’re in it for the long haul! Deal with debt strategies and turn around a losing game through careful planning.
  • Challenge
    Playtime is over! These scenarios will force you to take all of the concepts you’ve learned and execute them flawlessly in order to win.

The Patron and the Patriot DLC

If you thought being the CEO of a company and maintaining a monopoly on Mars was hard work before, get ready to double down with a bunch of new campaign enhancements in the Patron and the Patriot! With two new characters joining the fray, new story-driven content, new game modes, and more, this DLC takes the single player experience and adds hours of additional entertainment and content to explore.

  • NEW CEO: Dr. Mikhail Nekrasov
    Substitute aluminium for glass in construction with his unique Transparent Aluminium patent and construct any HQ type of your choice at the start of a game.
  • NEW CEO: Manuel Valencia
    A strong relationship with former clients provides a strong bond rating and half-cost for financing short-term debts, and each level you gain with your HQ grants you a Core Sample.
  • Colony Classes
    Don't fall behind your competition! Colonies can specialize in one economic area and alter the stock market in various ways.
  • Campaign Length
    Campaign tournaments can now span 4, 7, or 10 games.
  • Wholesale Orders
    Colonies can now choose to demand commodities during the course of a game instead of building modules.
  • Story Driven Campaigns
    Six new interactive short stories about life on Mars are made available by playing each of the new characters.

Ceres Initiative DLC

The largest asteroid in the belt has finally chartered its first colony and there’s money to be made! Humanity proved that we could thrive on Mars... but, now we need to learn how to survive on a dead rock. Enjoy the brand new scenery of Ceres while mining for Uranium, a resource unique to the landscape of the frozen asteroid. Use it to power the new Nuclear Power Plant building and fuel your colony while you fight for dominance of the stock market once again!

  • New Location: Ceres
    The largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, Ceres presents great challenges to colonization with its vast spans of ice and rock. Enjoy some new scenery as you crush your competition to remain on top of the stock market.
  • New Resource: Uranium
    Only available on Ceres, this mineable resource provides power to Power Plants and is just one more way to manipulate the stock market in your favor.
  • New Building: Nuclear Power Plant
    The new Power Plant is an excellent source of energy for your colony and can be built on any tile. This building is powered by Uranium and is only available on Ceres.
  • New Patent: Liquid Batteries
    This new patent could be critical to the success of your colony on Ceres. Liquid Batteries will allow you to keep your Solar Condenser running no matter what time of the day it is, collecting valuable carbon, oxygen, and water so you can keep your operations running smoothly.
  • New Challenge: Depleting Resources
    On Ceres, resources deplete as they are used. Over time, your plots will start to decrease and you will need to be on the lookout for new resource points to mine since even the best of them won’t last forever.

Map Toolkit DLC

Build and design your own maps in the new map editor and share them with friends and rivals. With several new maps to get you started, you will be creating amazing Martian landscapes in no time.

  • New Map Editing Tool
    Design and create your own Martian landscapes with looming plateaus, deep craters, and more.
  • New Maps
    Enjoy several new maps, based on real Martian locations, perfect for getting started with editing your own.
  • New Campaign Locations
    Explore the new maps that work with the “real Mars maps” option, now incorporated into the campaign.

Real Mars Pack DLC

Defeat your rivals in the frozen terrain of Ultimum Chasma, navigate the winding passes of Margaritifer Sinus, cross the trenches of Cerberus Fossae, and more! This map pack adds over 30 new maps to Skirmish and Multiplayer games. Designed by a planetary geologist, these maps model the actual Martian surface in each of the red planet’s regions and will add plenty of depth to your Offworld experience.

Soundtrack DLC

With a rich, unique, and otherworldly sound, Grammy award winning composer Christopher Tin (Baba Yetu, Civilization IV) will take you Offworld with this original soundtrack. Comprised of several dynamic tracks, enjoy the music of Mars anytime you like.

Dev Almanac

This 91 page Almanac contains:

  • A detailed strategy guide.
  • Coverage from planetary geologist Kirby Runyon, who discusses each of the regions the game takes place in and how their real life features were used to influence the game’s map design.
  • Designer Notes from Offworld Trading Company’s lead designer, Soren Johnson, who discusses the inspiration for the game and how each of the game’s features help deliver on that goal to create a unique experience for the player.