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While brain-power and carefully thought out strategies are certainly the focus in Offworld, it is still an RTS. Knowing your shortcuts and hotkeys can give you an edge over your opponents and allow you to gain the advantage early on with just a little bit of extra speed.

Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+Down Sell all owned resources at once
Alt+Sell Resource Sell all of a selected resource all at once
Tab Scroll through headquarters and colony
Spacebar: + key, - key Pause the game
+ Increase game speed
- Decrease game speed
WASD Scroll the map in the key's respective direction
Ctrl or shift buy/sell Buy or sell 1 or 100 units per click respectively, instead of 10
Ctrl + Click on building Turn building on/off
Ctrl + Shift Click on building Turn all buildings of selected type off
Backspace Scrap selected building
Shift+Backspace Scrap all buildings of the selected type
C Claim tile
B Bid on auction (when available)
~ Toggle between the available resources and resource stockpiles
Z Press and hold to hide all buildings
E, R, T or Y Found a Expansive Colony
R Found a Robotic Colony
T Found a Scavenger Colony
Y Found a Scientific Colony
Alt + (Shift +) click Send a shipment early (or all shipments of that type)