Starting Tips

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Starting Tips
  • Pay attention to the main colony! It is helpful to look at what their buildings consume so you know what resources will be in demand.
  • Purchase your own stock to make you more expensive for other players to buy out!
  • Scientific HQs are vulnerable to pirates if they ship their goods very far.
  • Areas with high iron and water are ideal for an expansive colony.
  • If a company owns all of its stock, the block of 5 shares must be purchased by a competitor all at once in order to buy them out.
  • Stockpiling resources can be really useful! They may sell cheaply because they are in abundance, but once your Offworld market becomes available, you’ll have plenty of surplus to make some mad cash with.
  • Robotic colonies will thrive in a place with high iron and a geothermal source.
  • As the colony grows and your HQ upgrades, Pleasure Domes will make more money.
  • Robotic colonies use energy instead of fuel to power their freighters.
  • Network Viruses can see through and penetrate holograms.
  • When you see a percentage next to an opponent’s name, that indicates how close they are to being able to buy you out. So, be careful!
  • Hitting CTL + SHIFT + DOWN will sell everything you have, all at once. This time save can be crucial when you’re racing against someone’s impending buy-out in the endgame.
  • If any combination of players owns more than half your stock, your company becomes a subsidiary and you are out of the game. It’s a good idea to at least buy a little bit into your stock early on to prevent a buy out!